Stay with us this winter!

You will have the opportunity to move freely by train and bus throughout Trentino, visit museums, castles, fortresses, practice cross-country skiing and access spas for tasting mineral waters. All thanks to “Trentino Guest Card”.

Only for our guests the card will be available included in the cost of the stay!


Here are the opportunities offered:

  • - free circulation * throughout Trentino on suburban and urban buses managed by Trentino Trasporti Es wonder;
  • - free circulation * on the Trento-Malé-Mezzana train * and, in the Trentino area, on the regional trains * of the Brennero and Valsugana lines;/span>
  • - access, in Trentino, to important museums (MART, MUSE, Museum of Uses and Customs …), castles and fortresses (Castello del Buonconsiglio, Castel Thun …), and in Val di Sole, to the museum of Solandra Civilization in Malè, to the of the Ecomuseum of Val di Peio in Celentino, the White War museum of Vermiglio, Forte Strino and Castel S. Michele di Ossana;
  • - one access and one equipment rental in each of the centers participating in the SupernordicSkipass including the Centro Fondo Vermiglio and the Centro Fondo Campo Carlo Magno;
  • - entrance to the Terme di Pejo and other spas in Trentino for a taste of mineral waters;
  • - electric car charging;
  • - 10% discount on the purchase of dairy products in the two social dairies, Cercen and Presanella, in Val di Sole and on the purchase of products in MondoMelinda, tastings in many wineries in Trentino.