Inserted in the Adamello Brenta National Park, Val Meledrio is a wild and uncontaminated valley, which historically connected Val di Sole with Val Rendena, separating the northern chain of the Brenta Group from the north eastern ends of the Presanella Group.
Before the construction of the state road 239, we went up from Dimaro to Madonna di Campiglio along a road later named “Via dell’Imperatore”.
From here, in fact, the Emperor of Austria and Hungary Francesco Giuseppe had passed in 1894 during one of his stays in Campiglio, followed a few days later by his wife Sissi.
The passages of other famous people are also told, such as Charlemagne during the expedition from Bergamo to Valle Camonica and Trentino and perhaps Federico Barbarossa. Considered one of the still uncontaminated areas of Trentino, Val Meledrio is a wild, fresh and silent valley, which the Solandri often call with the term Selva, characterized by dense pine forests, conifers and steep screes at the foot of the vertical walls of the Brenta Chain .
Starting from Dimaro, you reach the first hairpin bend of the state road 239 for Madonna di Campiglio.
From here there is a dirt road that runs alongside the Meledrio stream.
Passing along the stages of the Val Meledrio Ecomuseum itinerary (Fosinace, Maglio, Calcara) you cross the Pont de la Calcara taking altitude slowly until you reach MADONNINA.
A little further on we meet the Meledrio stream, in the stretch where it is forced by a narrow rocky ravine to form the mighty CASCATA DEL PISON.
From here, passing the typical larch bridge (Pont del Pison), continue through a spruce forest and go to the other side of the valley to the MALGA MONDIFRÀ – 1632 m., Then to the Campo Carlo Magno Pass, a watershed between the Sarca basin and Meledrio torrent.
The via dell’Imperatore can also be traveled by mountain bike (indicated as the Dolomiti Brenta Bike route).
This pristine valley offers many other itineraries for hiking, Nordic walking, snowshoeing and ski touring.

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