Do you want to fish in the streams and Alpine Lakes, in the valleys of Sole, Rabbi and Pejo’ll be spoiled for choice.
Marbled trout, Fario, and wild char populate our waters.
All credit goes also to the Associazione Sportiva Solandri Fishermen, who looks carefully at the natural environment and the planting, your passion and fun with each fishing technique.

The Association Sportive Fishermen Solandri amateur holds the concession of the right of exclusivity of aquaculture and fishing in currents and stagnant waters of the Val di Sole, identified by Ittica Charter of the Province of Trento as the Concession Area # 14 – South Walnut. All public waters of the Noce basin upstream Mostizzolo are Concession.

The Grant of Fishing extends over a wide area which includes the Val di Sole and the side Pejo, Val di Rabbi and Val Meledrio, one of the most rich trentini areas of water.

Many waters fall within the Stelvio National Park and Adamello-Brenta Park. In the falling water in the Stelvio National Park currently applies the fishing ban, enshrined in ASPSd Regulation.

In compliance with the provisions of the Bylaws, the amateur association deals with a rational cultivation of water to it as shown in the concessions Ittica Charter and relevant management plans, based mainly on increasing the natural productivity, protection and maintenance of the original genetic lines of fish species in the same present with the hatchery of Cavizzana. The Association also plays an adequate supervision and care sports technical preparation of amateur fishermen, as well as all educational and training activities related to the hatchery.

For those who want to live this experience in Val di Sole followed the association’s website to get all the details:
Sports Association Fishermen Solandri

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