If you are a lover of Nordic walking or just want to try this new adventure Val di Sole offers many routes to go even in winter, an alternative to skiing. Surrounded by nature and the snow is a great way to take care of yourself in the mind and body.

The Nordic walking is gentle activity that tones muscles, does not tire the joints and is careful to maintain the correct posture of our body. With its harmonic movement is a complete sport that trains different muscles, similar to cross-country skiing. Through the use of special poles, arms and shoulders they are actively involved and make the exercise more effective than the traditional walk through an alternating rhythm movement.



The site of the Val di Sole offers you 35 routes located throughout the valley.
You can choose the most appropriate based on the location, the travel time and the degree difficulty. They are ideal for snowshoeing, but being beaten and well marked, you can face them calmly walk along the Nordic Walking technique, a great exercise in truly enchanting environments.

You can view or download all routes by consulting the brochure “<a href="” title=”opuscolo a piedi in inverno ” target=”_blank”>Walking in winter

What issues facing this new adventure and fill your eyes with the beauty of the Val di Sole.