Due to its geographical position, the Val di Sole has always been a frontier land. A land of war and conquests, heroism and grief, that bears the signs of its cultural heritage and the footprints of those who lived, conquered or simply passed through this land.

The Celts, the Romans, the Franks and the Austro-Hungarians, the two World Wars: with so much history as a background, Val di Sole treasures rural buildings, strongholds, castles, palaces and churches, where sometimes you find real “hidden jewels”.

Following are a few sightseeing suggestions. Do not hesitate to ask for further information.

  • Malè – La culla della Valle – il centro – la Chiesa – il Museo
  • Samoclevo – La Rocca
  • Tonale – Forte Strino – il Giacciaio
  • Ossana – Il Castello
  • Pejo – Le Terme – il Museo – L’aquila Reale – Il Vioz
  • Caldes – Il Castello
  • Pian Palu – La Diga – il Fortino
  • Cusiano – Il ciclo pittorico di S. Maria Maddalena
  • Croviana – Le “decime”