Vermiglio – Peio – Pellizzano – Dimaro Folgarida – Rabbi in huts in the valley
from June 4 to September 15, 2016

Discover Trentino you also learn about the traditions that this land over many years, traditions and flavors that caraterizzano this magical land.
In this period the Trentino offers the opportunity to delve and know these traditions, and one of these is for ‘just the Alpine characteristics.

The huts are housing the Trentino Alto Adige that are found in the highest areas of the mountains, are stone buildings surrounded by the green alpine meadows and pastures are engaged. The mountain pasture begins with a climb in the Alps of the pasture in the summer months, between late May and mid-June and ends with the back down to the plains to the end of September.

The huts are inhabited only during the summer months. And here you can see the grazing cows and enjoy the fresh dairyproducts.

Trentino and Val di Sole, who organized these trips between the cheese from the alpine pastures to get to knowthe culture and the ancient technique of dairy, you can watch the whole tour and the guide <span by following this link:Andar per Malghe

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